Hot-stampHot Stamp

You can choose gold, shiver, red, blue, green color.


Use machine put a raised design or piece of writing on paper, leather, etc.


Use machine folds to give 2-sided projects a crisp presentation. Options include half-folds, tri-folds and Z-folds.


Die-CuttingDie Cutting

Pocket folders, ticket wallets, cd holders, POP displays and just about anything else you can dream up is possible.

LaminatingLaminating min charge $70

Laminating adds luster or gloss to a printed product; provides stability to the sheet, allowing it to be more durable or stand upright; provides protection to sheets that are handled frequently or may encounter moisture.

Lamination can be a useful and often necessary addition to various products including posters, maps, membership cards, calendars, food labels, menus, ID cards, book covers, and many more.


Others Sercives

  • Scoring/Perforating
  • Numbering
  • Round Cornering
  • Eyeletting