Photo Album Price List

Photo Album - Perfect Bind
Size Soft Cover Hard Cover Per 2pp Add-On
125mm x 92mm (A6) S $53.00 S $69.00 S $3.00
185mm x 138mm (A5) S $75.00 S $97.00 S $3.00
283mm x 210mm (A4) S $113.00 S $198.00 S $3.00
220mm x 210mm (Square) S $113.00 S $147.00 S $3.00
Photo Album -Saddle Stitching
Size 20pp 40pp 60pp Per 4pp Add-On
125mm x 92mm (A6) S $33.00 S $43.00 S $53.00 S $6.00
185mm x 138mm (A5) S $45.00 S $60.00 S $75.00 S $6.00
283mm x 210mm (A4) S $157.00 S $173.00 S $187.00 S $6.00
220mm x 210mm (Square) S $76.00 S $113.00 S $113.00 S $6.00

Tips & Recommendations:

  1. We recommend using photos taken with digital cameras that are greater than 2 mega-pixels. Digital cameras that are 5 mega-pixel or greater produce the best results for full bleed photos.

  2. All files and photos must be JPEG format. When scanning prints, we recommend customer set the resolution to a minimum of 300 dpi or more.

  3. For chronological order, rename your files as “0001”, “0002” and so on, consider grouping your photos by theme, colour, or subject matter, since these will unify the look of your photo book pages. You can use this same tip when deciding which pages should face each other within the book.

  4. Customer should arrange the every 10 pages of photos in a folder while the photos are in JPEG format. Photos' layout is done in accordance with the computer's assigned layout. Additional fee of S$60 is required if the customer requests for own sequence photo layout.

  5. We offer picture scanning services. Photo scanning is changed at S$10 per pc, for photos provided by the customer.

  6. For photo retouching, colour enhancement, add background colour, wording and so on, will be additinal change S$200-S$800.